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1/8/2019 General
Mentoring and Volunteering as a Benefit to your Company

Youth mentoring programs not only provide vital help to children, but they also can help turn employees into leaders, which is a plus for employers.

Veteran mentors, as well as those who are new to dedicating some time to their communities' young people, say that mentoring recharges them and enhances interpersonal skills that serve them well in their work.

"Over the years, employers across the country have bolstered benefits that contribute to employee well-being. … One of these benefits particularly touches the heart and soul of employees: volunteering," Henry G. ("Hank") Jackson, president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, recently wrote.

Twenty-one percent of U.S. employers offer their workers paid time off to volunteer, according to SHRM's 2016 Employee Benefits research report. "This benefit is important to many workers, particularly Millennials, who view participating in community service as part of being a whole person," Jackson noted.

These initiatives help employees strengthen bonds with colleagues and neighbors. Giving back is especially important for companies looking to attract and retain younger workers—the Millennial generation—who are keen on organizations that are active in philanthropy and service to the community.

According to the 2015 Deloitte Millennial survey, 6 in 10 Millennials say the reason they chose to work for their current employer was that they felt a sense of purpose there. Volunteer and philanthropic opportunities highlight a company’s purpose and can help keep Millennials engaged, according to proponents, who point to research showing that Millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are more likely to be proud, loyal and satisfied employees, as compared to those who rarely or never volunteer.

To find out more about mentoring, go to or contact Jerry Finn, a mentor to four middle school children and a seven-year veteran of mentoring at 812-945-4332.