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5/9/2017 Ambassador of the Month
Ambassador of the Month | May 2017 | Mark Davis

The friendly faces you see welcoming you at our 5 O’clock Networks, ribbon cuttings, and other networking events are the 1si Ambassadors. Below is the spotlight for Mark Davis.

Q1: Please give your first and last name?

Mark Davis

Q2: What is the company/organization you work for?

Davis Financial Services

Q3: Tell us about your company.

Independent Investment and insurance products. I work with individuals and companies

Q4: What is your current role and how did you became involved in your current occupation?

I am the owner/ Operator of the business

Had and interest in investments and insurance long before I actually got involved

Q5: How long have you been an Ambassador?

I have been an ambassador since 2004

Q6: What else are you involved in with 1si?

Co Chair for Champion Connectors, Sales & Marketing committee and also Women & Diversity conference committee, and Leads group

Q7: What else are you involved in outside of 1si?

Respondent skipped this question

Q8: Tell us about your family.

Wife and two children, a son and daughter who are married and live in Jeffersonville.

Q9: What do you like to do for fun?

Work out, play golf, play chess and read

Q10: Why did you choose to become an Ambassador and how has being an Ambassador helped you/your business?

To get to know people and for them to know me and that has been very good for my business

About Davis Financial Services:
They gather information, help client's determine their needs, and provide solutions based on their personal situation. Their office strives to maintain a high level of ongoing customer service. They review accounts every year with each client to help address their financial needs.
Mark Davis is securities licensed through Investacorp, Inc., a registered broker dealer Member FINRA, SIPC.

For more information visit Davis Financial Services.