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3/8/2017 Member News
Purdue promotes entrepreneurship through Interns for Indiana Program

The Purdue University Office of Professional Practice announces newly granted administrative jurisdiction over the Interns for Indiana program. Created from Provost cost sharing funds following a 2005 $3.5 million grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. to connect Purdue students to Indiana startup and second-stage companies, Interns for Indiana seeks to promote economic development, enhance student success, and provide professional opportunities to high performing students with the goal of keeping them in Indiana after graduation.  

Eckhard Groll, the Reilly Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Office of Professional Practice said, “The Interns for Indiana program adds yet another option to the already impressive Purdue Professional Practice Programs. We are excited to tangibly contribute to Indiana’s reputation for economic and entrepreneurial excellence.” At its core, Interns for Indiana provides top talent among STEM and non-STEM students to tech-centric Indiana companies who have project-related needs or who otherwise need additional human capital they could otherwise not afford. Companies are matched to students through a mutual selection process administered by the Office of Professional Practice.

In order to utilize Interns for Indiana students, interested companies must be privately held, for-profit organizations in Indiana operating as a startup or second-stage company. The company must also have work assignments that are challenging to the student and related to his or her interests, education, and experience. Eligible companies will generally have up to 99 employees and $50 million in annual revenues (or working capital in place from investors). In a new compensation model for the Interns for Indiana program, the company will hire the student near minimum wage (approx.. $8/hour). Purdue will provide additional support to the student in the form of a scholarship, using Purdue funds. The resulting compensation to the student will meet or exceed other Purdue-sponsored experiential-learning programs.

Event Information:

The Office of Professional Practice is committed to fostering the success of this program in all corners of Indiana. Therefore, a series of “Lunch and Learn” opportunities will be held at each of the Purdue Research Parks, tenants of which are the ideal corporate participants of the Interns for Indiana program. Workshops will run from 11:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M on March 9 (Purdue Research Park – West Lafayette), March 15 (Purdue Research Park – Northwest Indiana), March 16 (Purdue Research Park – Southeast Indiana), and March 23 (Purdue Research Park – Indianapolis). Interested parties and members of the media may register their attendance to Ms. Aimee Griggs, Program Information Specialist, via email to . Lunch will be provided. Program representatives will also be conducting extensive outreach to Purdue regional campus and statewide Polytechnic students through in-person visits to those facilities, with the goal of encouraging these students to participate in Interns for Indiana with regional organizations.

About the Office of Professional Practice:

The Office of Professional Practice (OPP) facilitates the experiential education and professional practice of Purdue University students within the academic environment of the institution and its global partners, participates in academic research within the field of professional practice, and assists academic units with enhanced employer engagement. Committed to fostering a holistic student experience, the OPP offers formal programs in 5-Session Co-Op, 3-Session Co-Op, internship, and research formats. OPP also facilitates the Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE), Purdue’s premier international work experience program, as well as Interns for Indiana, a program that connects entrepreneurially minded Purdue students to Indiana startup and second-stage companies. Purdue designs Professional Practice programs to combine practical on-the-job experiences with the classroom training of a four-year college curriculum.