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2/3/2017 General
MMA Facilitator Spotlight | Lewis Rudy

As a proud Regional Advantage member of One Southern Indiana, Lewis Rudy has had the privilege of facilitating two important Metro Manufacturing Alliance (MMA) roundtables. The CEO roundtable focuses on developing local CEOs as strategic and visionary leaders. The MMA Procurement Peer Group roundtable focuses on developing a skill set within organizations for a significant impact on the ability to satisfy customers, as well as all internal stakeholders, while driving profit.

Since 2005, Lewis Rudy of Rudy and Associates has worked with businesses locally, regionally and internationally. The firm’s unique platform of strategic advising and business consulting focused on transforming business owners and leadership teams permanently removes constricted profits and frustrated business performance.

By working directly not only with all of a company’s key internal members, Lewis and his team also dig deep into relationships with external financial lenders and vendors to identify gaps, leaks and blind spots eroding profitability. Systematically eliminating these means massive increases in profits and sustainable growth.

Thank you, Lewis, for your years of service to the Metro Manufacturing Alliance.

For more information about Rudy & Associates, click here.