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1/31/2017 Member News
Visitor Spending Increased in Clark-Floyd Counties


2015 growth indicates tourism industry’s strength


Jeffersonville, Ind. (Jan. 18, 2017) – The tourism industry is a significant part of Southern Indiana’s economy. That’s what the latest tourism data shows. Visitor spending in the region increased more than 15% over 2014. The region’s tourism industry ranked in the top 40% of all Indiana counties.


This economic impact study, in partnership with the Indiana Office of Tourism Development, showed how tourism benefits the counties. Jim Epperson, director of the Clark-Floyd Counties Convention & Tourism Bureau, says the report shows tourism’s value in the local community.


“Business, group, and leisure travel to our communities are important economic engines for our region,” said Epperson. “While the CTB can’t claim responsibility for all the growth, we’ve been putting systems in place to market this region as a distinctive destination. If we can move the needle and increase visitation, we’ll contribute to the private sector’s success.”


Highlights of the study:

  • Direct visitors spent more in 2015: Visitors spent $305 million, which is an overall increase of 15.2% in Clark and Floyd counties over 2014.
  • Double digit increases: All of tourism’s five industry categories had double digit growth over 2014 levels.
  • Keeps profits local: Visitor spending benefits local businesses: because tourism is made of small business owners, much of visitor spending benefits the local area. With every dollar spent in the tourism industry locally, 79 “stays” in the local area.
  • A Top 10 industry: Tourism is the region’s eighth largest industry (seventh, not including Government).


How Tourism Benefits Clark and Floyd Counties

  • Supporting education: Because a portion of Indiana’s sales tax is allocated to schools, tourism benefits education. Tax revenue collected from visitor purchases in our counties is sufficient to support more than 4,250 public school students.
  • Relieving residents’ tax burdens: Visitor spending generated about $40.6 million in state and local tax collections. If tourism did not exist in our counties, each of our 81,817 households would have to pay an additional $496 each year to maintain current state and local services.
  • Supporting jobs: About 6% of all jobs in Clark and Floyd counties are supported by tourism.


Tourism = Many Industries

What industries make up the tourism economy? The following table shows where tourism dollars are spent.


% of tourism receipts



Food & Beverage


Recreation & Entertainment






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For information on the Clark-Floyd Counties Convention & Tourism Bureau, please visit