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8/29/2016 Non-Profit Spotlight
August Non-Profit Spotlight | Ohio River Greenway Commission

Non-Profit Profile | Ohio River Greenway Commission 
This special feature showcases 1si’s non-profit members. Spotlighting members from across the community, 1si’s Non-Profit Member Spotlight reflects the variety of our membership. If you would like to be featured in this section, please fill out the following and return it along with a company logo (JPEG, GIF or PDF format) to Sydni Nicks via email at

Company Name: Ohio River Greenway Commission
Address: 315 Southern Indiana Ave.,
City/State/Zip: Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Business Phone: (812) 280-8079
Contact Person: Shaunna Graf
Contact Title: Project Director
Contact Email:

The Ohio River Greenway will bring a safe and accessible place where the overall quality of life will be enhanced and offer opportunities for running, bicycling, boating and strolling. The completion of the 7.5 mile Greenway will aid in the recruitment of new and retention of growing businesses and young professionals seeking progressive communities to call home. The Greenway will provide safe opportunities for people to commute to work by bicycle or foot. Having access to a safe and inviting place to walk, bike or run may aid in reversing current morbidity rates and thus reducing health-care costs. This could be especially significant in our community, as over 30% of our population is obese.

The Greenway also provide a unique facility to serve a diverse population of a community that may otherwise have limited opportunities to access natural areas due to financial or transportation constraints. The Greenway can help reduce physical and mental health risks in our community by providing a free, fun and accessible place to exercise, which helps control weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, build strength and endurance, and prevent depression.

The Greenway seeks to improve both our community’s well being and nature’s well being. The project will also provide for preservation of the riverfront by preventing soil erosion and filtering pollution. Preserved green space will allow wildlife to thrive and offer improved air quality.

The Completed Greenway will allow a connection of our communities along the Ohio River which will benefit tourism, seasonal festivals, dining and entertainment. Most of all the quality of life will be greatly enhanced with increased access to the river and the ability to showcase the heritage and culture of the region.

Agency Mission Statement or Description:

The mission of the Ohio River Greenway Commission is to provide a common linkage between the Communities of Jeffersonville, Clarksville, and New Albany, Indiana along the banks of the Ohio River and to promote a passive recreational environment for river access, while allowing each community to construct riverfront amenities to enhance the overall project.

Year established: 1993

Counties/regions serviced: Floyd and Clark

Focus areas:
Completion of the 7.5 Mile Multiuse paved path and Maintaining Completed Segments
o Clarksville’s bridge over Silver Creek
o New Albany’s East 8th to 18th Street
o New Albany’s Sherman Minton to W.10th Street
o The Clarksville and Jeffersonville Connector near the I-65 Bridge
o Growing the Maintenance Fund

Impact in community:
The Ohio River Greenway has had a significant impact on our region’s health and well being since its inception 10 years ago. The Greenway is an integral spoke in the growing web of public trails connecting communities on both sides of the mighty Ohio. Currently, with the Big 4 Bridge ramp and unconnected multi-use paths completed in all three communities, over 779,639 visitors from May through October were able to engage in healthy activities such as walking, running and biking. The Greenway is free providing a great option for people who don’t have the means to join a health club or purchase home exercise equipment. We serve everyone in our region and visitors by providing this public space to enjoy and be healthy.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteers can also participate in the Ohio River Sweep in June of each year to clean up the riverbanks of the Ohio in Floyd and Clark counties along the Greenway.

How 1si members can help your organization:
1. The Ohio River Greenway is launching a new program with the help of the Rotary Club in 2016 to allow businesses and private citizens to adopt segments of the Greenway to be cleaned up, similar to the adopt a mile program of the

2. We need help with state legislators in Indiana to put forth funding for trail maintenance in the state budget. A fund was created in 2014. However, no money has been allocated to the fund and no policy has been established governing how the use and application process for the maintenance fund.

3. By late 2017, 6 miles of multi-use path will be open for the public, accommodating all who seek its use — young or old, abled or disabled, out for fun or training for a triathlon. However, the remaining 1.5 miles still needs adequate funding to ensure its completion. The Greenway Commission is seeking private funds to help design and construct the remainder of the multi-use path. Support from the community leaders and businesses will enable us to fulfill our vision of a healthier and more beautiful Kentuckiana, having a lasting impact for many generations.

Upcoming Events/Programs:

• Construction began August 15th on the The New Albany – East 8th to 18th Street segment along Water Street.
• In Spring of 2017 construction will start on the Clarksville – Clark Cabin to the Loop Island Wetlands (crossing over Silver Creek with a refurbished bridge) segment.
• Tour de Pork 2017 is now accepting sponsors – Over 400 participants completed the bike tour to benefit the Greenway in 2016, go to to see photos of the event and make plans for sponsoring or attending the 10th year anniversary in 2017.

Additional information:

In nationwide studies, development of projects near or adjacent to Greenways show property values increase from 1% – 6% over properties further removed from Greenway locations.