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7/25/2016 Member News
1si Welcomes Newest Team Member

1si Welcomes Lisa Brooking

One Southern Indiana (1si) welcomes Lisa Brooking as the newest member of our team. Lisa has over 25 years of business experience and has worked closely with 1si over the past several years, and looks to bring her knowledge and skillset to the organization.

Lisa has been named the Chief Revenue Director, a new position at 1si. She will be responsible for building, maintaining, and developing investor and sponsor relations as well as creating and seeking new sources of funding for economic development, talent development and sustainability for events.

Throughout her career, Lisa has been a member of several boards and committees in the local community and at 1si. Lisa has been a board member for Goodwill of Southern Indiana, the Horseshoe Foundation Revolving Loan Fund since 2008, an executive committee member of 1si.

Lisa has also received numerous awards including SBDC Professional of the Year, 2012; Smart Tan Industry Achievement Award, 2010: and the ACCENT Commitment to Excellence Award ,2000, just to name a few.
As small, local business owner, Lisa brings a unique perspective to the 1si team. She was the President of True Colors Tanning Salon, L.L.C and was able to grow her business from a single location to 10 locations over the course of nine years. In addition to her business experiences, Lisa has also been a Business Advisor for the ISBDC for the past year and a half.

“I am so excited to formally join the staff of One Southern Indiana. I have been involved in the organization over for more than ten 10 years and believe in the mission,” said Ms. Brooking. “When a region like Southern Indiana grows and adds jobs, small businesses grow from the goods and services sold to those employees. This marriage of economic development and small business is a solid foundation for prosperity.”

At One Southern Indiana, we are thrilled to be able to introduce someone to our team with the qualifications and work experiences as Lisa Brooking as our new Chief Revenue Director. We look forward to a long lasting relationship and continuing success and improvements to One Southern Indiana.