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6/17/2016 Ribbon Cutting
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Diversified Nurse Consultants Opens in New Albany



Ashley Jones
Business Manager
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Diversified Nurse Consultants Opens New Location in New Albany

(June 9, 2016)- Diversified Nurse Consultants, nursing specialists who are dedicated to Aging Life Care, celebrated its official opening of their New Albany location at 1730 N Audubon Drive, Wednesday, June 15 with a ribbon cutting hosted by One Southern Indiana (1si). The event was attended by: Indiana State Senator, Ron Grooms; City of New Albany Representative, Tonya Fischer, 1si Executive Vice President, Matt Hall; 1si Ambassadors, staff, and the public.

Diversified Nurse Consultants was founded by experienced nurses with one goal in mind: to provide professional care management to help those who need care and their families find their way through an increasingly complex healthcare system and get the best possible care. Their Aging Life Care Specialists are all registered nurses with specialized training and experience in nurse life care planning and care management. Diversified takes a holistic approach to combine health, psychological, social, legal, financial and environmental needs into a single complete plan of care.

Diversified Nurse Consultants was founded in November 2011 and hired its official personnel in June 2013. They purchased and opened their 2,400 square feet location in October 2015 and finalized renovations in the Spring of 2016. Virginia Jones, Co-Owner/Co-Founder and President of Diversified Nurse Consultants explains why they chose New Albany as their new location, “We as owners grew up and still live locally today. We have a passion and love for the local community. We want to continue to produce jobs and revenue for this local community and offer as many competitive jobs as able in the area”. In addition to their current space, they plan to add on an additional 2,400 square feet.

Diversified Nurse Consultants supports many charities including: Miles for Merry Miracles, Camp Quality, Kentucky and Southern Indiana Stroke Association, Alzheimer's Association, Clark Memorial Hospital Foundation, Fillies Luncheon, Norton Healthcare Foundation, Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging, Floyd Central High School, Floyd Central Alumni Association, Develop New Albany, and Habitat for Humanity.

“Shedding Light on Healthcare”

We Cover It All.
We don’t just look at your loved one’s physical health. We consider everything, including psychological, safety, social, financial and legal concerns. They all have a big impact on you and your family member, so we make sure the plan of care we provide covers all the bases.

We’re Experienced.
Our team has deep experience with healthcare providers, insurance companies and government agencies like Medicare and the Veterans Administration. So we’re uniquely suited to advocate on your behalf, and to help you make informed choices.

We’re Nurses.

Our Aging Life Care Specialists are all registered nurses with specialized training and experience in nurse life care planning and care management. We take a holistic approach to combine health, psychological, and social needs into a single complete plan of care.

And here’s one more reason: we’ve been there. Our founders have each been faced with caring for an aging or disabled family member, and have had to navigate the maze of providers and payers that can be so frustrating and even overwhelming. Diversified Nurse Consultants was born out of that shared experience, and from a passion for helping others in the same situation.

If you’re an older person facing all of the challenges that aging can bring — or if you’re caring for an aging or disabled loved one — there’s a good chance you’re feeling overwhelmed. How do you make your way through a confusing and complicated healthcare and insurance system? What are the right financial and legal steps to take? How can you help when time or distance separate you from your loved one? How can you make sure every family member is part of the process? Wouldn’t it be a relief to find someone who had expertise in all of those areas? Someone who could give you a truly objective picture of your family member’s total situation — physical, emotional, environmental, legal, financial — and clearly explain your options? Someone who could go to bat for you with healthcare providers, insurance companies and government agencies?

That’s what our staff at Diversified Nurse Consultants does. As nurse specialists who are dedicated to Aging Life Care, we can guide you through the maze of decisions you face, giving you the information you need and advocating on behalf of you or your family member. In other words, we’re the experts in your corner. Diversified Nurse Consultants hours of operation are 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. They have 58 full-time employees and 26 part-time employees.

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