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5/24/2016 General
One Southern Indiana Launches New User-Friendly Website

One Southern Indiana (1si) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, The site features an extensive amount of original content about 1si, including news, event information and the 1si membership directory. In addition, the website works as a tool for site selectors considering Southern Indiana as a possible location for new businesses.

The site was created by 1si member, Mightily, in response to growing demand for current, accessible and engaging business resource information and as part of 1si's mission to provide the connections, resources, and services that help business innovate and thrive in the Southern Indiana/Louisville metro area.

President and CEO, Wendy Dant Chesser said, “The website’s content combined with the site's clean design, mobile optimization and user-friendly interface between areas of interest allows visitors to better interact with the content they have come to know and expect from 1si. After much research and planning, we are very happy with the result and think our members will be as well.”

“If you are unable to access the new 1si site, you may need to clear your browsing data, which can be found under the settings of the browser you use,” said Suzanne Ruark, Director of Marketing and Communications and Project Manager for the website. “We will continue to tweak the new website and still have some things we want to add but overall our hope is that members will have a much more enjoyable experience visiting”