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10/24/2017 General
November is National Diabetes Month.

To help employers address the prevention and management of diabetes in the workplace, the Centers for Disease Control offers free online resources at their Diabetes at Work website.

Launched in 2002, Diabetes at Work is the first online resource specifically designed to address the prevention and management of diabetes in the workplace. The site's content was developed by diabetes educators, occupational health care providers, wellness managers and health plan benefits managers who saw a great need to make diabetes education information easily accessible and user-friendly to employers and managers at both large and small companies.

Diabetes at Work is a resource of the National Diabetes Education Program. This Web Site provides free, easy-to-use tools and strategies that help companies plan, build, implement and evaluate diabetes intervention activities. Users can download resources from a wide variety of federal and nonprofit organizations. These resources can be used to inform employees about diabetes prevention and best practices for diabetes management at work.

Topics on the site include basics about diabetes and workplace wellness, wellness program planning, diabetes prevention, diabetes management, complications of diabetes, healthy lifestyle issues including weight management, healthy lifestyle issues (including weight management, physical activity and tobacco cessation) and topics unique to managing diabetes on the job.

The information on Diabetes at Work can be used to:
• Enhance employee communications.
• Create low-cost education programs, fact sheets, Web Sites, and health bulletins.
• Promote current health management programs, including health fairs and brown bag lunches.
• Help senior managers make the business case to top company executives about the need to address diabetes in the workplace.

You can find the website at