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9/5/2017 General
Collaborative Partnerships | Building and Development Association of Southern Indiana (BDASI)

The Building and Development Association of Southern Indiana (BDASI) is a valued collaborative partner of 1si.  Formerly the Home Builders Association of Southern Indiana, this organization has been a strong proponent of economic development in the Indiana counties of Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington, which it represents.  They have been a vocal supporter of the creation of a Regional Development Authority, and the Indiana Builders Association, the BDASI’s state association, worked with 1si lobbying for IN-HR 1080, which removed the power of eminent domain from the State of Indiana’s Regional Cities Initiative. 


The Building & Development Association of Southern Indiana (BDASI) is a local 501(c)3 that represents the residential construction, commercial construction, and land development industries in Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, and Washington counties that is the local affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Indiana Builders Association (IBA). Internally, the BDASI strives to provide opportunities for its members to grow their businesses with fellow members. In addition, BDASI offers its members educational courses to stay on the front line of industry best practices. By using the strength of the organization, the BDASI offers its members benefit programs including a comprehensive insurance platform and scholarships for post secondary opportunities.

The BDASI public works include encouraging smart growth that reflects the aspirations of Americans—the very people comprehensive growth plans are intended to serve—while protecting the environment and quality of life for all. Where do people want to live? What type of wages are needed to support their lifestyle? What type of homes do they want for themselves and their children? What can they afford? What types of jobs and economic opportunities do they seek and expect? What type of quality of place amenities attract residents to our community?

The key elements of BDASI’s strategy for publically representing our members and promoting smart growth include:
• Anticipating and planning for economic development and growth in a timely, orderly and predictable manner so our members can meet future growth demands;
• Ensuring that the process for reviewing site-specific land development applications is reasonable, predictable and fair for applicants. Developments that comply with the policies and regulations established by the community should be allowed to proceed without unreasonable oversight from the relevant planning agencies;
• Establishing a long-term comprehensive plan in each local jurisdiction that makes available an ample supply of land for residential, commercial, recreational and industrial uses and sets aside meaningful open space. These plans should also protect environmentally sensitive areas and maintain a balance between the environment and growth.
• Removing barriers and avoid creating new barriers that impede land-use planning techniques;
• Ensuring that the actions of all levels of government address the affordability of all housing options and project investments into all types of land development;
• Ensuring that policies enhance rather than limit consumer choice and that these policies provide solutions that meet the needs of consumers and the concerns of neighborhoods.
• Planning and constructing new schools, roads, water and sewer treatment facilities and other public infrastructure in a timely manner to anticipate and keep pace with the demand for jobs and housing, and finding fair and broad-based ways to underwrite the costs of infrastructure investment that benefit the entire community.

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