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8/31/2017 Member News
WorkOne Employer Spotlight: Bruce Fox

The next time you see our President on television, pay special attention to the Presidential Seal affixed to the podium. It is a symbol of grandeur; a symbol of the office of the President and a symbol of our country. It is meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care. And it's made right here, in Southern Indiana. Bruce Fox Inc., a manufacturer of custom-designed recognition awards, has been in business since 1938. Their staff is comprised of skilled craftspeople, artists, and professionals. Not only is this team challenged to design, engineer, and manufacture a product, but they must also be able to conceptualize the sentimental and emotional value of the piece.


 9/11 Monument

For an up-close look, a local wouldn't need to go far. Stationed at the New Albany Fire Department Headquarters, a monument stands to memorialize those who lost their lives in the 9-11 World Trade Center attacks and to honor the New Albany firefighters that went to assist with the recovery efforts. "When the buildings were being torn down, the project administrator sent a steel beam to the New Albany Fire Department. Our team put their heads together and came up with a design to utilize that beam. All of the Bruce Fox employees who helped with this project were asked to sign their names on the bottom of this monument before the beam was attached, again, in honor of those firefighters," explains Cindy Burns, Director of Human Resources.

From memorials to the Presidential Seal to NASCAR trophies, Bruce Fox has an impressive portfolio and important work to do. You can spot their work all over the world but they also are deeply rooted in our community. "The Fox Group has always been a family-oriented company, which also makes us sensitive to the community and its needs," explains Rick Cochran, VP of Engineering Services. One way Bruce Fox and its employees have demonstrated their desire to invest in their community is by partnering with WorkOne in the Work Experience program. As part of this program, Bruce Fox hosted a young adult as a full-time intern for 9 weeks in an office position. This internship allowed the young adult to gain tremendous professional experience and work readiness skills. "Educating the next generation of employees is a must for any community to flourish," said Rick.

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